The Golden Goddess Program

The Golden Goddess Program


Ready to ignite your inner goddess. This program will elevate you on every level, physically, mentally and spiritually to embrace your famine energy.

Do you struggle to loose weight?

Do you struggle to stay committed to your self love quest?

Do you struggle to get the results you truly want?

Do you struggle to feel?

Ive been there and thats why I have the blessing today to work with an incredible community of goddesses who have all benefited from my program and changed how they perceive not just the outer world but there inner world.

An 8 week program to get you where you deserve to be so you can start living life, releasing anything that does not serve you, enter your flow state and divine feminine energy alongside releasing emotions thus releasing anything that has stopped you being able to drop body fat, past emotion and blocked you from becoming the goddess you are!


Those who struggled to drop body fat through stagnant emotions, those who tried every diet in the book and those that hit the gym and did every class imaginable but didn't get the desired results.

Im here to support and guide you on the ultimate journey, that will change your life today.

Its time to enter your feminine flow and project that goddess glow wherever you go.

Hollie Philippa

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Ready to elevate your health and every level? Have you ever tried to ‘diet’ , the latest workout plan, detox plan and still not achieved your goals?

It so much deeper than just what we eat and how we workout. 

I work with you on every level mentally, physically and spiritually with the aim to get in the best shape of your life.

My programs include consistent support, weekly check in calls, access to my private Facebook groups, membership to my goddess circle groups, daily motivation, unlimited support, tailored nutritional protocols, tailored workout plans, spritual protocols, goal setting, access to all bonus materials, strength ebook guide, goal planners and much more.