How to fit fitness into a busy schedule?

Hey Guys!

A common theme with many people I speak with, clients and those wanting to kick start their journey is their time and how they feel it is limited to get to the gym or focus on their own health and wellbeing.

What we must decide is how committed we are to plan and we must put our health and fitness first, thus being more productive with our work.

I have complied a list of my top tips to fit your fitness goals into your schedule:

1) Book your Workouts in your diary - Book it in as you would an important meeting with your boss or a colleague. YOU are the boss of your own health and body.

2) Small wins throughout the day - Drink an extra litre of water, get up from your desk every 45 minutes, walk more, move more, set yourself a step target of at least 12K steps a day.

3) Prepare to win! Lunches out? Lunch meetings? There are always healthy options and opt for the sauce on the side. No wine, go for a refreshing soda to get that sale or nail that job! Do not be afraid of asking the waiter for an alternative option, switch the chips for a side salad or some extra protein? Or chips can be on the menu if you have crushed your Glute session of course!

4) Limit alcohol - This causes brain fog and it is not great for our mind, body and soul. Cut it out if you can for the first 60 days of your journey or if that is not possible at this point limit your alcohol intake by 50% from today.

5) A weekly night out? Why not invest that time into 2 additional workouts? 1 on the evening you would usually be on the vodka shots and one the morning after when you usually wouldn’t be able to get out of bed? Your mind, body and soul will thank you for it.

6) Accountability - Invest in someone to be accountable to. A Coach? A Mentor? A supportive partner? A friend?


Hope these tips support you to become your best self yet.

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Hollie Philippa x

Hollie Philippa