How to empower yourself to the next level

How do you get yourself in a position where you feel empowered and elevated? It may be different to us all but I can share my experience on what makes me feel empowered and creates a mindset and body of strength.

Fitness has always been my outlet from as young as I can remember I used to LOVE playing sports and represented my school for sports, would watch the clock until it was 'P.E.' and in my free time lunch hours etc I would be playing netball or out on the field. THIS is what brings me joy and what made me feel empowered. I am an introvert for sure and its not so much hiding behind sports and training but more so as to how amazing it makes me feel, hence why I love to share the benefits of exercise and looking after your mind, body and soul on every level.

A great place to start to empower yourself within the fitness field, is find something you LOVE to do! Activity wise! Or invest in someone who can guide you on the journey, or look at someone online you who inspires you to be the best you can be daily. Buy yourself some new gym kit, trainers and create a new playlist where you feel amazing and it literally elevates your mood! Your going to feel SO INCREDIBLE! 

On a daily basis make choices in which you feel empowered by, instead of reaching for that morning blueberry muffin, choose the eggs and black coffee, after you have made this decision you have already taken control for a great day ahead. Choose to workout in the morning so you can't make excuses why not to train in the day or after work. Drink that extra pint of water and say no to the after work drinks. Give yourself at least 6 weeks of creating these daily rituals and every time you make a decision that benefits your health and fitness you literally ELEVATE! 

Hollie PhilippaComment