Cheshire based Personal Trainer based at Hale Country Club serving Clients across Hale, Hale Barns, Alderley Edge, Wimslow, Altrincham, Bowdon, Calday and Heswall.

Work with me today to elevate your world within…working through physical, nutritional protocols to get you in the best shape of your life.

Physically, Mentally and Spiritually

Certified Nutritionist, Bio Medicine Consultant and Health and Fitness Coach.









A Levels: Sports Science, Law, Psychology English Language

Bsc(hons) 2.1 Degree (Manchester University)

Personal Trainer Level 3


Sports and Wellbeing Nutritionist

Muscle Camp Internship with Ben Pakulski and Dr. Jordan Shallow

Bio Medicine - CNM Manchester

Reiki Healer Level 1

Bio Print Practitioner - Charles Poliquin

Bio Mechanics - Charles Poliquin

Metabolic Analysis - Charles Poliquin

Hypertrophy Internship (Sydney, Australia) - Clean Health Institute - Charles Poliquin

Clean Health Nutrition (Sydney, Australia)

Advanced Coaching Academy Hypertrophy Camp - Phil Learney

Advanced Coaching Academy Coach - Phil Learney

ACA Nutrition

Yoga Teacher / Sensei

Hatha Yoga Teacher

Advanced Nutrition - ACA

Pre and Post Natal Studies

Pre and Post Natal Training

Pre and Post Natal Nutrition


Health and Fitness has been my passion from when I can remember and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else in my life. I have spent most of my life in the sports industry, training daily, focusing on my own health and eventually took the plunge to take my passion full time as a career and help others on their own journeys to optimal health and fitness whilst enjoying the process.

Anything is possible in life if we have accountability, support, a plan and if we are ready to put in the work on all accounts.

My programs offer you all the above and I am confident to get you the results you deserve and get you in the best shape of you life if you are willing to put in the work.

Excited to share the journey!


Client Testimonals

“After many years of yo-yo eating and fad diets, I have finally found the lifestyle that works for me thanks to Hollie. 5 weeks in of amazing work outs that push me, and eating intuitively, I feel truly amazing. I can really notice a difference across the board with higher energy levels and a self confidence I’ve never had before, it truly does pay off when you nourish your body with the right foods and exercise, along with consistency and commitment.”

Hannah Hallinan

“I've been training with Hollie for nearly two years now. I work more than full time and I find myself getting trapped in over-work/bad habit cycles. Hollie is always there to rescue me. She is more than a personal trainer. She is my counsellor, my mentor and my confidant. The most noticeable change for me has been my approach to dieting. I no longer diet. And I have become much leaner and happier as a result. I eat good food to nourish my body and enjoy every meal. The other significant change is how strong I've become. Physically and mentally. I feel empowered when I train with Hollie and believe I can achieve anything.  I'll never look back!!!”

Dr Philippa Brown

“My name is Ranjeev and I work as a Senior Biomedical Scientist and manager in the NHS- for the purpose of this testimonial; I understand all of the Anatomy and Physiology of weight loss/ muscle gain, but my work keeps my stress levels extremely high. Added to this, I am the loving mum of a 3 year old super- active boy; who is a huge blessing, and a massive energy drain! I had a gym membership for some years, and sadly didn't put it to use... I had been looking for a PT for some months, I was looking at qualifications that they might have- or the amount of time spent in the industry. Everybody looked similar on paper, and similar in practice; I needed someone who would be able to advise me on my diet, give me exercise plans- and motivate me to stick to it- to never give up!! I'd seen Hollie in the gym, but I found her amazing physique intimidating, she's very impressive - in fact, she is a Nike PT, fitness model, has several qualifications under her belt and is constantly in the gym- honing her craft, and being her best self- this lady is not only an amazing athlete and PT, she practices what she preaches! I came to learn that she is one of the loveliest ladies that I could ever meet- she is approachable and has an infectious energy!! I feel tremendous after every workout! I've found it difficult at times, mostly because I'm vegetarian, and I count chips as a food group (!), but I've dropped a dress size and kept the weight off for months! I now go to the gym regularly, track what I eat- and I really enjoy it.. I'm no longer the fat kid in PE!!! Not only that, Hollie's sessions are so enjoyable- she'll ask about your water intake, sleep, and stress levels; not only about whether you ate bread this week- she has a deep understanding of wellness and being healthy, how vital this is to living a good life- and then she absolutely supports you in consolidating that. This is why the comments that I've received since I've been training with Hollie haven't just been about weight loss, they've also been about seeming happier, more active and more productive; who wouldn't want that!! I'm so happy with the results that we've produced so far that I would happily recommend Hollie to anybody, I really do love her- she is, simply put; outstanding!”

Dr Ranjeev.

“First of all I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the first week. I was sceptical regarding the online training because of the bad experiences in the past but I have to say I have been blown away with yours already. You clearly have put a lot of time and effort in to the programme and nutrition because I can feel it working. Also thank you for getting my mindset back on track. I’ve never had a PT who as focused on this too and being qualified in positive psychology I know how important it is. 

You’re a true inspiration and should be proud of what you are doing. 

Finally the WhatsApp group is fab too!l and really helps to stay on track and motivated.”

Lucy Watkins - Online Client

“Being a life long workaholic, experience and learning junkie, travelling globally non stop for 20 years, with a family to boot, I had little time if any for the gym. I disliked exercise with a passion! I preferred my bed (books and a nice wine) above anything and I certainly valued mind over body.  So I never thought I would be writing something like this...

I'd read many an article about muscle wastage in the over 40's and done nothing about it. So, on turning 45, intellectually I knew it was last chance saloon for me, I had to do something about it... enter Hollie Phillipa stage right. All I can say is that Hollie succeeded where many others have failed. She didn't just help me build muscle, she helped me work out what I really needed and wanted, motivated me to achieve it, then she hooked me into a different way of thinking and we translated that to a way of living. 

Hollie's coaching style is intuitive, flexible and 'holistic'. She is genuinely interested in you as an individual, listens and understands, and if she doesn't know she finds out! She helped me build programs and food options that worked for me and supported me to turn them into habits which I stick to, even though my life was and still is beyond chaotic.  

For me, making time in my busy schedule to exercise was and is paramount. Hollie taught me how to prioritise, set goals, focus and hold myself accountable. With flexible coaching options, I could break things into achievable tasks and learned to prepare and plan ahead. She doesn't tell, she encourages! I now believe that bodily health (diet and exercise) is the base to total well being.

I have always worked in tough and demanding high performance environments, believing when you get older it gets harder! However, at nearly 47, I am fitter than ever and ready to take on anything.

Body health is now second nature, most of the time! But life still gets in the way. With her high positive energy and professionalism, Hollie is there to help me to switch it up, challenge me an keep it fresh. Most of all she keeps it real and achievable. I love the open mindedness and the desire to constantly learn and improve for the benefit of herself and her clients.

Health is wealth, bring it on! Thanks HP x”

Carolyn Macnab

“I have battled with anxiety and depression my whole life. I’ve spent a lot of money on PTs and fad diets. I have done this for years and didn’t see a change in my mind or my body. I cannot believe the improvement in my mental health, energy levels and confidence from working with Hollie for just two weeks!!! It is her holistic approach to wellness that works so well! I could kick myself for not doing this sooner. I am so blessed that she came into my life & am excited to see what we can achieve.”



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